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My Pet Friends Pet Sitting


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Get To Know Us

My Pet Friends has been proudly serving the South central Pennsylvania and Northern Baltimore County areas for over 17 years. Our motto is that we are caring, thoughtful, and fun! We care for each and every pet as if they were our own. Our pets are family, and we know that they should be treated as such. We have made lots of pet friends over the years, and we are so thankful and honored that so many have put their faith and trust in us to care for their loved ones. In our eyes there is just no better way to spend your day then with a furry friend in your arms. 

Services & Pricing

20 Minute Visit                                                    $17

Perfect for a midday potty break during your work day or in between their morning and evening visits while you are away.

30 Minute Visit                                                    $20

A little extra time for your furbaby to enjoy some lunch or a nice walk.

45 Minute Visit                                                    $25

For the pet, who may need some extra playtime or a long walk with a meal.

1 Hour Visit                                                          $30

Great for some extra playtime, a large number of pets in the home, a slow eater, or just because they deserve it! 

Meet & Greet                                                    FREE

We provide a free meet and greet to all of our clients. This gives us a chance to get to know you and your pet. It's very important to us that you are comfortable with who will be in your home and, most importantly, caring for your beloved pet.

Over Night Stays                                                  $60

Our overnight stays are 12 hours in length. This is a great option for vacations, as we can feed them dinner upon arrival and breakfast before we leave. A midday drop-in on top of this visit is encouraged so that they have a quick potty break during the day.

24/7 Visits                                                           $125

For those whose pets may need to be let out more than others throughout the day, or just for peace of mind to simply have someone at home while you are away.

Pet Errand                                                            TBD

Need your pet picked up from the vet? Groomer?

Realized you are low on food and need us to grab it?

Low on their medication, and they close while you are at work?

We can help with that!





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Proudly Serving 

South Central Pennsylvania & Northern Baltimore County

  • York

  • Dallastown

  • Yoe

  • Spry

  • Loganville

  • Jacobus

  • Seven Valleys

  • Glen Rock

  • New Freedom

  • Shrewsbury

  • Stewartstown

  • Felton

  • Brogue

  • Red Lion

  • Windsor

  • Delta

  • Fawn Grove

  • Airville

  • New Park

  • Freeland

  • Parkton

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